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Climate crisis? Biodiversity crisis? What does the youth parties have to say?

A discussion about how we can influence politics today to shape the future

Thursday, march 31th from 18.00-20.00 at Carré – afterwards cosy evening with food, drinks and good talks

1, rue de l’Aciérie L-1112 Hollerich-Luxembourg

The two big crises, the climate- and the biodiversity crisis are already tengible today. In Tuvalu and Bangladesh more and more land is lost by the rising sea levels, in Brasil, Australia or in the US vast areas of forest are burning, in Russia houses collapse because of melting permafrost and according to the world biodiversity council (IPBES) 1/8th of all species in the world are threatened by extinction.

But all that is far away…Is it? At the latest since the tornado in 2019 and the floods in 2021, everyone is aware that the climate crisis is also happening in Luxembourg. Also ¾th of local species are threatened.

After years and millions of people taking their demands for a different climate and nature conservation policy to the streets, and the urge that the global community must act, we will pursue the following questions this evening:

As a society, how do we have to react –Luxemburg and elsewhere – to prevent the worst? Which immediate political decisions do we need today? What are the opportunities? What do the different youth parties propose?

Be part of the event and discuss with representatives of the jung liberals, the young greens, the young left, the young socialists & the christian-social youth!

The guests:

  • Lisa Kersch – Co-president Jonk Sozialiste
  • Fabricio Costa – Co-speaker déi jonk gréng
  • Martine Kemp – Vice-president Chrëschtlech-Sozial Jugend
  • Tania Mousel – Co-speaker déi jonk Lénk
  • Michel Agostini  – President Jonk Demokraten

move. & youth for climate prepared a thematic input for each question.


With the goal to better plan the food, we would be happy that you subscribe via Eventbrite: or via mail to Of course it’s no problem if you just pass by without registration.

Date de publication : 21.03.2022

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